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What You Need to Know Before Laser Epilation


Laser Hair Removal is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of hairs in the body.

This method is extremely safe when done by the relevant experts. As the demand for laser systems increased, different devices were also preferred.

Devices with different mechanisms of action, on the one hand, reduce the duration of use, on the other hand, ensure that pain is not felt.

Laser epilation is not recommended during pregnancy. Apart from this, products used for yellowing or darkening of hair should also be avoided.

Creams containing vitamin A and cosmetic products containing skin peeling retinoic acid should not be used. This method is not applied in problematic areas such as psoriasis.

Before going to the session, the effects of products such as perfume and make-up should be cleaned in the area where epilation will be performed.

How is Laser Hair Removal Applied?

The laser method, working with the wavelength principle, provides absorption by melanin pigment, which gives the hair roots black color.

In this way, the hair roots are destroyed. The laser methods used today have been developed for users to get optimal results by getting rid of the hair without being exposed to pain.

It shows its effect only on the hair roots and does not damage the tissue. Epilation is provided by converting the trapped energy into heat.

This method is completed in a short time. However, it is recommended to use razor before application. Because the razor ensures that only the hairs other than the skin are removed.

Here the hair follicles should remain under the skin. For this reason, methods such as waxing or removing hair follicles should not be applied.

After these points before the application, laser values ​​are adjusted according to the skin and hair color of the person. According to the stage, the most appropriate dose should be determined.

The area where the hair is shortened with a razor is scanned with a laser device.

What are the Laser Epilation Types?

Laser hair removal method, which produces up to 90% solution for unwanted hair problems, ensures effective results for different skin and hair colors thanks to the developing technology.

Variants of this application are collected under three main headings. Diodes, Alexandrite and Nd Oil are all different types and advantages.

Alexandrite method is preferred because it gives the most effective result especially for people with fair skin. It is quite painless compared to other methods.

It has a high effect on white skin and dark hair. After the session, no hair remains in the body area where the procedure is performed.

It is also suitable for use on large surface areas such as legs, back and waist. Slight redness and tenderness effects can be seen on the skin.

Diode hair removal method is effective on dark or thinly developed hair in dark skinned people. It is one of the latest laser hair removal device technologies.

It is also known as ironing method due to its application method. Thanks to its long wavelength, it acts on the lower layers of the skin and is absorbed by the skin.

The healing process is fast. It is suitable for the whole body, including the face area. ND oil laser hair removal method is a system developed for very dark skin types.

It works on the thinnest hairs. Session intervals are longer than other methods. It is known as a painful hair removal method.

What are the damages of laser hair removal?

Laser epilation damages are one of the most curious topics. The application does not have any side effects.

However, since the wavelengths are different in the epilation methods used according to the types, the effect on the body is also different.

Skin redness, mild itching and tenderness can be seen in the methods that go deep.

In Which Regions Is Laser Epilation Used?

Epilation is applied to various parts of the body according to the type of hair and skin structure. Thanks to the new generation devices, it is used in every region, including in the nose and in the ear.

In order to use this method, the person should not have any hormonal disorders. Due to the tissue, the region where the eye socket is located is not preferred for application.

Laser is used in the armpit, lower and upper legs, belly, bikini area, nipple, arms, neck, cheeks, chin and chin length, upper lip area, bikini area, hand and foot area.

In addition to these areas, it is used in men in the middle of the eyebrows, back, beard and beard, neck and shoulders.

How Long Do The Sessions Take?

The sessions for removing hairs in the body differ depending on the body area.

These sessions must be followed and completed in order for the hairs to disappear completely. Hairs in the genital area are applied in at least 4 or 5 sessions.

The duration of a given session for this application varies between 10 minutes and 15 minutes depending on the color of the hair and the thickness ratio.

It is possible to get rid of body hair in an average of 5-6 sessions. In the face area, after 7-8 sessions of epilation, you can completely dry the hair.

What Should Be Considered After Laser Epilation Session?

Conditions to be considered after the session are as follows;

It is harmful to go out in the sun after the use of a laser epilation machine, as there may be some sensitivity on the skin. Persons who will be exposed to the sun must use sunscreens with at least 30 factor protection.

It is recommended not to enter the solarium after epilation.

A few hours after the application, you can take a shower with warm water. However, methods such as peeling and peeling that may irritate the skin should be avoided.

Hair roots grow slightly in 3 to 10 days after application. The growing hairs can be shed spontaneously or easily removed when pulled by hand.

The intervals of sessions should be observed according to the doctor’s advice.

In a session, the hair density decreases permanently up to approximately 20%.

For the next session, approximately 2 months in the body areas and 1 month in the face area should be waited.

After application, moisturizers suitable for the skin structure can be used. The peeling and crusting situation that may occur is also temporary and does not leave marks.

Pre-Operation Waxing and Using Tweezers

Pre-application networking is one of the biggest mistakes. It is not recommended to use these methods as waxing or using tweezers will pull out all the hair follicles.

Because the laser epilation device used in this method, takes action to destroy the hair follicles. Methods that can pull hair follicles from the bottom, such as tweezers or waxing, should not be used.

Are Laser Hair Removal Prices Expensive? Are the Operation Fees High?

This practice should be done in well-known and reliable healthcare facilities such as a medical center and hospital. Laser epilation prices differ according to the body region where the application will be performed, the device used and the establishment.

Generally, sessions with devices that provide more efficiency in the body are more expensive. Apart from this, the area where the feathers are located and the thickness of the feathers are examined and a price suitable for the method is created.

Prices are prepared according to the region where hair removal is needed. In some health centers, applications are presented as packages.

Prices are determined advantageously compared to single prices in campaign packages that are formed as a complete face region, a complete body region or both body and face areas.

Depending on the changing body area, the number of sessions may increase as well as this can directly affect the price.

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