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How Is Migraine Treated? The Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Your Pain


Migraine is a neurologically based disease in the medical literature, which we know as severe headaches significantly reduces the quality of life.

Nowadays migraine is seen in one out of every 5 women on average. Its incidence in males is around 7%. Although the genetic aspect of migraine is dominant, it is possible to significantly reduced effect depending on living standards.

Migraine, which negatively affects social life, often appears in the form of attacks. Pain that starts around the eye or on the neck; It manifests itself with many symptoms.

Occasionally emerging pains  is called episodic migraine; regular recurrent pain in an average of 2-3 days is called chronic migraine.

Chronic migraine can have devastating consequences when the correct intervention is not done in a timely manner. This discomfort that turns the lives of many people into a nightmare should never be seen as a routine headache.

What are the symptoms and treatment methods of this ailment that physicians encounter very often, let’s take a look together.

What is Migraine?

We are facing daily headache problems in many stages of our life. Generally, these headaches do not have very serious reasons.

Routine causes such as prolonged or dehydrated for a long time, fatigue, insomnia can cause short-term headaches; However, some headaches repeat themselves at short intervals and in the form of attacks that create a nightmare feeling.

Knowing that this pain will recur constantly is also a bigger concern for the person. Headaches that are severe enough to negatively affect daily activities are known as migraines.

In general, the occurrence of this ailment is more common in women 20 years and older. Despite this, it is known that it can start even in childhood.

The fact that various hormonal changes, especially estrogen, are more prevalent in women is the main reason for the predominance of the disorder in women.

Migraine disease, which creates extreme sensitivity to light, smell or sound, comes with “aura attacks”. These pains generally manifest in the form of throbbing on a certain side of the head.

Other family members also have a high risk of migraine because it is a genetic disorder.

Reasons of Migraine

First of all, there are certain criteria for defining these headaches as “migraines”. For example, the pain should repeat itself at least 5-6 times in the last 6 months.

The periods known as menstruation period in women have a significant impact on its occurrence.

On the other hand, a stressful life, impaired sleep patterns, wrong or inadequate nutrition trigger long-term hunger discomfort; but this of course does not manifest in this way in every patient.

Because the reasons of that cause the discomfort are quite individual and the patient may not be able to get rid of migraine despite eliminating the reasons.

Another reason for the inconvenience is to spend a long time in front of the computer.

Especially, people who are always sitting in front of the computer due to their job or who have to work in front of the computer until late at night are relatively more likely to encounter migraine.

We can say that the protective screens that  tire on the computers can create a solution at this point.

Apart from all these reasons, instant weather changes, exposure to high humidity are among the other migraine causes that we can count.

To sum up, there are both environmental and genetic causes that underpin migraine formations.

If one of the parents in the family has been exposed to this ailment, the probability of meeting the child with migraine is over 60%.

In the face of genetic factors, we have no solution other than contacting a physician; however, it is in our hands to improve our quality of life for environmentally oriented reasons.

What are Migraine Symptoms?

Attacks often make themselves felt slowly, 10 minutes before the pain appears.

Migraine pain or attacks have four different stages. We can list them as prodrome, aura, headache and postdrome.

The prodrome stage generally occurs in the form of neck stiffness, stretching, constipation and desire to eat. Symptoms such as weakness and loss of sensation in the aura stage are prominent.

Even numbness, vision or speech disorders in the body are among the detected symptoms. During attacks, throbbing occurs at certain intervals in the heartbeat.

Although the duration of the attacks varies from person to person, it usually does not take less than 4 hours. The feeling of exhaustion in the postdrome stage, which means post-attack, completely wraps the person.

If pain is usually present in only one part of your head, the possibility of migraine is strong. The back of the head is the area where pain is most intense.

The person may experience concentration disorders during the discomfort process. Slowness of thinking, speech disability, thirst, feeling of bloating and other symptoms of constipation can be listed.

The level and range of these symptoms vary from person to person.

How Does Migraine Go?

One of the most frequently asked questions of individuals experiencing this ailment is “What is good for migraine?” question.

Especially those who are exposed to intense attacks frequently search through the internet as “How does migraine pain pass”.

We will explain in detail what can be done medically at the point of pain relief; but with some correct moves, we can practically control these severe pains at least to some extent.

* Massage correctly during pain. Massage the compartment between the thumb and forefinger for about 3 minutes. The pressure here will directly affect the blood flow and at least briefly reduce the severity of pain.

* You can reduce your pain by consuming a few fresh coffees a day. Because the caffeine in coffee positively affects these pains. Let’s not ignore the drug effect of coffee.

*Likewise, apple cider vinegar is among the foods that are good for these pains. Because it is an accepted fact that apple cider vinegar prevents bone pain.

* Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into your water and consume it. Pay special attention to apple cider vinegar being organic.

* Apart from all these, it is possible to list peppermint, pepper, ice and chamomile as factors that will reduce the violence before applying to the physician.

Migraine Treatments

The treatment of this ailment should be treated as a whole, not micro. Because migraine have both  physical and  psychological dimensions.

Doctors generally find it sufficient to write a certain level of migraine medication for episodic migraine types. Deficiency of vitamin B2 is frequently encountered in this ailment.

Therefore, besides migraine drugs, medicines that balance iron and magnesium deficiency are also written.

The migraine vaccine, which has not been brought to our country yet despite the FDA approval in the USA, will be an important alternative soon.

This vaccine will be preferred especially for chronic cases that are difficult to control. On the other hand, muscle relaxant botox applications are also used during the treatment phase.

Patients who do not get results from drug treatment for a long time can seriously wear down mentally.

Although migraine surgery is a method used in very special and insurmountable situations, it has not been able to prove its success in terms of medical yet.

Moreover, it is not often recommended because it brings with it many side effects.

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