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What is Aloe Vera and What Are the Benefits of Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is known as a miraculous plant with 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 20 minerals and 200 components.

It is the only plant in the world that contains vitamin B12, which is normally found only in animal foods.

Aloe vera, the homeland of which is Africa but its effect covers the whole world, is one of the most important plants in the world.

Gel structure inside the leaves; The plant, which is rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins, is also very easy to grow.

Which contains important minerals such as calcium and iron, is also used in the treatment of many diseases today.

Aloe vera flower, which is known to be good for many ailments, is one of the easy and effortless plants to grow at home.

One of the plants that love sunlight the most, needs to be positioned in the best light area of ​​the house.

It has a structure that provides resistance to -6 degrees in cold weather.

The plant is one of the plants that can live with little water in general.

Another issue to be considered when watering the plant is that water should not touch the leaves.

If water touches the leaves of this plant, this may cause the leaf of the plant to rot.

It cannot be said that the size of the pot to be grown constitutes any significance. It is possible for the plant to live even in a small flower pot that you think you can look at in your home.

In terms of pot replacement, it will be sufficient to change the pot and soil of this plant once a year.

The most productive period is considered in spring, especially in April, for growing the plant. If desired, repotting can be done every 2-3 years.

What Are the Benefits of Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera gel, which is also used as an active ingredient of many creams today, is used in the treatment of irritations and wounds that occur on the skin in sunburn.

The gel-like structure inside the plant prevents infection and heals burns and wounds quickly.

It provides a fast recovery process by reducing pain and inflammation in skin diseases such as psoriasis.

According to recent research, the benefits of aloe vera have been shown to be effective in skin conditions as well as stomach and diabetes.

Aloe vera juice, which is determined to decrease the blood sugar level in diabetics, is also known to accelerate the healing processes of the wounds of diabetics.

In summary, it quickly treats wounds and burns, which reduces the risk of colon cancer, is good for intestinal diseases, prevents infection and provides acceleration of metabolism.

How to Use Aloe Vera?

This miraculous plant, which is easy to grow, is very easy to use. You can mix the gel-like structure of the leaf with water and drink it. In this way, you can find a quick solution to stomach and intestinal problems.

It is also known to be good for heart health and has immune-boosting properties.

You can also get a quick effect by applying the gel contained in the leaf directly on the burns.

The aloe vera plant, which acts as an important skin moisturizer especially in sun burns, will give your skin a fresh feeling in a short time.

Aloe Vera Skin Care Miracle

Aloe Vera, the main ingredient of many cosmetic and dermatological products used for skin care, can be applied directly to acne and scars on the face.

In this way, aloe vera eliminates acne problem.

You can apply it to your cream or mask by mixing it, or you can use aloe vera gel as a makeup base.

Cracked hands, hardened heels and aloe vera gel applied to the blushed skin after getting out of the shower will make the skin moisturized and relax.

It is known that this plant has a miraculous effect for cellulite, which has become one of the biggest problems of women in recent years.

We can also say that it is the most effective moisturizer for dried and chapped lips.

For the aloe vera mask, which is good for all skin types, experts recommend mixing this herb with different herbs.

If you have dry skin, you can say goodbye to this problem forever thanks to the intensive moisturizing feature of this plant.

The moisturizing feature of the mask, which you will obtain by mixing gel and coconut oil of this plant, is much higher.

The bright appearance, which is the biggest problem of those with oily skin, this problem can completely disappear thanks to the mask prepared by adding honey and eggs to the aloe vera.

You can also get healthier skin with this mask, which is also anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle.

What are the types of Aloe Vera

Although there are many varieties of this valuable plant in nature, “Aloe barbadensis miller” is among the most widely used species.

This species, which is good for many diseases, has healing properties thanks to its high level of polysaccharide among the aloe vera varieties.

Aloe arborescens

It is also known for its blooming leaves growing 2-3 meters. This species, which has a cell repair property, also has an antibacterial and antiulcer effect.

Arborescens, which is known to be good for stomach pains, is common in South African regions.

Aloe aristata

It is a perennial plant and known for its evergreen flowers.

This species, called garden plant, has a resistant structure up to -7 degrees cold.

Aloe dichotoma

This species, which is widely grown in South Africa, is different from the home grown species.

Also known as the tree species of this plant, dichotoma has an asparagus-like fruit.

In African regions, the trunks of dead trees are emptied and used as a natural refrigerator.

You can easily obtain aloe vera products such as face cream, nasal spray, face masks and soap on e-commerce sites on the internet.

Aloe vera is easy to obtain thanks to the low price

For hair care, you can directly apply the gel contained in the leaf in a container.

You can prepare a hair care mask by mixing it with olive oil and find a solution to dandruff problem.

Besides, you can consume aloe vera tea, moisturize your skin with soap types and say goodbye to your acne problems with creams containing this herb.

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