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What you need to know about the power iron that is circulating in our blood and its deficiency

iron mineral

Iron is of great importance for the body’s oxygen distribution and activation of hormones. However, if we know as iron deficiency, anemia, serious vital function losses are experienced.

You can find all the details about the iron minaret, which is very important for our body, in this article.

What does the Iron Mineral do?

Iron enzymes, which have a vital role in carrying oxygen to all the cells in our body, become active and play an important role in its work.

If combined with vitamin C, this mineral, which mixes more easily with blood and decreases its effectiveness with frequent drinks such as tea and coffee, is naturally found in many foods.

It plays a role in the synthesis of hemoglobin, which is absorbed by the intestines and is responsible for carrying oxygen to different systems in the body.

It also activates molecules called myoglobin that are responsible for oxygen delivery to the muscles.

As it is seen, this mineral has important roles in many enzymes and molecules that are vital in the body.

Many people think that such an important component is vitamin, but this component is not a vitamin, but a mineral building block.

In other words, we can understand that the products or information we take in the form of iron vitamins are fake.

What is Iron Deficiency?

The most common form of anemia, that is anemia, occurs in the form of iron deficiency worldwide. Anemia shows a widespread area, especially in less developed countries.

WHO (World Health Organization), anemia; they defines it as “the condition of the type of hemoglobin, which gives color to red blood cells and plays the leading role in oxygen transport, is below 12 gr/dl for women and 14 gr/dl for men”.

What should be known here is that hemoglobin is in the basic structure of this minaret, and when they come together, oxygen can be distributed from the lungs to the body.

In the absence of this mineral, people are diagnosed with anemia or anemia.

Studies show that this deficiency is 35% in women, 20% in men and 50% in pregnant women.

Stomach and intestinal diseases also negatively affect the absorption of this mineral.

What are the Symptoms?

The symptoms of this deficiency, which we frequently talk about as anemia among the people, do not manifest themselves clearly. Some people need routine doctor control to diagnose iron deficiency.

We can list the iron deficiency symptoms commonly seen in humans as follows;

*Pale skin color

*General fatigue in the body

*Concentration difficulties

*Feeling numb in the hands and feet


*Aggressiveness and tension

*Ringing and humming in the ear

*Quickly broken, flimsy nails

*Cracking on the lips and wound around the mouth

*Excessive hair loss

After such general symptoms seen at the first stage, the symptoms will obviously become evident as the picture becomes serious.

In these progressive cases, the decline of the thyroid’s working speed may lead to heart palpitations, restless legs syndrome and the desire to eat different substances such as soil and ice.

In children with low blood values, while achieving walking and sitting balance is delayed, these symptoms are accompanied by learning difficulties.

What are the reasons?

It should be noted that apart from this minaret, anemia can also occur due to folic acid and B12 deficiencies.

Such deficiencies in the body are completely related to malnutrition.

In addition, women during breastfeeding, growing children, babies born underweight and pregnant women may experience anemia as they need this minaret more than other individuals.

The question of what foods iron is available is a question that is more prominent for children.

*Feeding babies with insufficient iron content instead of breast milk

*Passing into cow’s milk before the age of 1

*Children not getting enough animal foods are one of the main causes of deficiency.

In adults;

*Overeating tea and coffee

*Cooking with wrong methods such as red roasting and barbecue

*To consume delicatessen products such as sausages and salami

*Stomach or intestinal problems that prevent absorption

*High menstrual bleeding in women

*Abortion or miscarriage

*Tumors in the body are caused by such reasons.

How to Treat in case of Deficiency?

Therefore, timely and correct diagnosis is very important. Before taking any supplement such as iron pill without expert advice, the patient must be definitely diagnosed.

The person who carries the symptoms within the scope of the evaluation;

*Health problems,

*Diseases in his family,

*Medicines used,

*Nutrition program and life habits

In addition to the blood test results, bone marrow testing can also be used for definitive diagnosis if the type of anemia requires.

After diagnosis, it should be tried to eliminate the cause that caused it.

For example, for the iron deficiency that occurs in the presence of a tumor, the tumor must first be stopped. In this way, deficiency can be eliminated.

In addition, losses for minerals carried in the blood are minimized by taking hormonal supplements for women whose menstrual periods are too long or too intense.

If anemia is at a level that can affect the quality of life, blood transfusions can also be applied for supplementation.

Since drugs used to support the immune system negatively affect red blood cell production, anemia can be eliminated by using drugs that suppress the immune system.

In addition, bone marrow supplements are used to prevent anemia from bone marrow.

What is Iron Medicines? How to use?

Iron medications should be taken in addition to a balanced diet program to treat this deficiency. Although medications alone are not enough, they can achieve great success with proper nutrition.

However, it should be known that these drugs should never be used when hungry and when dairy products are consumed.

In order for the body to fill the required tanks with iron pill, it should be used regularly for a minimum of 6 months.

For those who use supplements such as iron needles or pills, it will be beneficial to consume foods containing vitamin C, red meat and molasses to increase the effect.

Which Foods Are Available?

It is of extra importance that we pay attention to our nutrition in order to make the supplements we take effective.

In addition to consuming the foods that enable us to prevent this deficiency, taking plenty of vitamin C increases absorption.

Vitamin B12 is also among the components that need to be ensured to be taken regularly and adequately because it triggers anemia in its deficiency.

Foods containing iron can be listed as follows:

*Fruit types such as dried mulberry, raisins

*Green leafy plants such as spinach and chard


*Nuts, peanuts

*Offal, red meat, and fish

*Boiled Grape Juice




What are the ways to increase iron absorption?

Consumption of iron-containing foods and foods containing vitamin C increases absorption, making your blood values ​​rise more easily.

Instead of boiling the egg, you can consume it in the form of menemen with vegetables such as green pepper and eat orange juice next to it.

Instead of consuming spinach with yogurt, it is very important to cook it again with the egg. Besides legumes, you can consume lettuce and lemon salads, and you can increase your mineral ratio by taking red meat.

Calcium delays the activation of this mineral. For this reason, you should not forget that you should consume milk and dairy products not in the main but in snacks.

In addition, consuming molasses, especially carob molasses for breakfast, is one of the nutritional recommendations that those who experience this deficiency will benefit.

Reducing posed food consumption, consuming yeast bread instead of unleavened bread, cooking legumes more and more, avoiding storing our food in aluminum will be effective in increasing the rate of minarets we receive.

In addition to following such nutritional recommendations, regular medical check-up and blood pressure control will of course be the most useful method of prevention and early diagnosis.

Extracting coffee and tea from your life, and understanding what food to eat in addition, can be an effective method of protection.

If your doctor deems it appropriate, you can eliminate the body’s deficiency by using supplements containing this minaret and get rid of important health problems.

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