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Breast Cancer: Early Diagnosis Saves Lives Here All The Details


Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, as is known among the people.

Although most of the diagnosed women are over 50, they can also be seen in young women.

One in eight women on average is diagnosed with breast cancer once in their lifetime. If it is detected early, the chances of recovery are quite high.

Therefore, it is vital that women check their breasts regularly to observe if there are any changes.

In addition, this condition can be seen in men, albeit rarely.

What is Breast Cancer? Breast Cancer Occurrence Rate

It is a disease that starts in the breast with a malignant tumor. This tumor is a mass of cells that go out of control.

These cells can jump or go to other parts of the body. The discomfort can be seen in three types of breast tissue, lobules, ducts and connective tissue.

Most breast cancers begin in milk-producing glands or in the ducts where milk advances to the nipple; however tumors can also develop in the connective tissue surrounding the lobule or ducts.

While the rate of these cases started to decrease in 2000, this decrease has been continuing since then the disease has started to occur more frequently in middle-aged women.

While breast cancer-related mortality rates have been decreasing since the 1990s, most women get rid of this cancer.

What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer can have many symptoms; however, the first of these is generally the detection of a region thickened in the breast tissue.

Most lump is not cancerous, but it is always worth checking it out by your doctor.

*A change in the size or shape of one or both breasts,

*Discharge from the nipples,

*A lump or swelling in the armpit,

*Pitting in the chest skin,

*Rash on or around the nipple,

*A change in the appearance of the nipple,

In such cases, we definitely recommend that you have your doctor examined and have your checks done.

What are the factors that increase the risk?

Factors that increase the risk of this disease, which is the most common type of cancer in women, are listed below:

Older Age: As women get older, the risk of getting sick also increases.

Genetic Factors: In a woman whose mother or sister is diagnosed with breast cancer, the risk of developing this condition is higher than in women whose first-degree relatives are not diagnosed. However, 85% of cases are seen in women without a family history.

Overweight: Women who are overweight are more likely to appear.

Smoking: The risk is higher in women who smoke, especially women who start smoking before they have their first child.

Alcohol Use: The risk increases as alcohol consumption increases.

Inactive Lifestyle: In women who are not physically active throughout life, the risk increases. Increased physical activity reduces the risk of this ailment.

Age of Having Children: Women who have children for the first time after 30 years of age have a higher risk of breast cancer. However, breastfeeding for 1.5-2 years can greatly reduce the risk for women.

Conditions such as breast pain are not usually a symptom of this ailment, but it is still in your interest to have your checks done by consulting your doctor.

Types of Breast Cancer

There are several different types of breast cancer that can develop in different parts of the breast tissue.

These are generally divided into two as invasive ductal and non-invasive breast cancer.

Invasive, it develops in the cells that make up the breast canals and is the most common type in women. In this type of cancer, it can spread outside the chest, but this may not always be the case.

The non-invasive type is found in the ducts of the breast and has not yet developed the ability to spread outside the breast.

It is usually noticed during a mammography. It is possible for this condition to spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream or lymph nodes.

They are also small lymph nodes that filter bacteria and cells in the mammary gland.

How to Scan?

Mammographic screening, where X-ray images of the breast are taken, is the most commonly used method to detect an early breast lesion.

However, you should also know that a mammogram cannot detect some breast cancers.

Genetic testing may also be recommended in women whose risk of developing breast cancer is above average.

Since this type of cancer increases with age; Women aged 50-70 are recommended to have a screening every three years. Women over 70 also have the right to screen.

Occuring in who?

First of all, in every 8 women, once in their lifetime, the invasive type of this ailment develops. However, it can sometimes be seen in men.

In every woman, risk includes a combination of different factors.

During the examination, your doctor can help you assess how large the risk is and whether you need to take any additional measures related to the scan.

How Is It Treated?

If this ailment is detected at an early stage, it can be treated before it spreads to nearby areas of the chest. Treatment; surgery can be performed with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The surgical procedure is usually the first form of treatment. This is followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy and in some cases biological treatments.

Depending on the type of this condition, your doctor will determine the best treatment option.

A small proportion of women experience metastatic breast cancer that cannot be cured after it has spread to other parts of the body.

Since this ailment cannot be cured completely, the aim of the treatment will be to relieve the symptoms that occur.

Can breast cancer be prevented?

It is not possible to know if the causes can be prevented, as the reasons are not fully understood.

If the risk of developing the condition increases, there are some treatment options to reduce the risk.

In studies investigating the link between this ailment and nutrition, although no definitive conclusion can be found, the following are considered useful:

*Losing weight in a healthy way,

*Exercising regularly,

*Reducing saturated fat and alcohol consumption

*There are studies that suggest that regular exercise reduces the risk by a third.

*Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can also improve the appearance of people affected by this ailment. It is especially important that you are not overweight or obese if you have entered menopause.

This is because being obese causes more estrogen production, which can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Is it seen in men?

Although this ailment is more rare in men, it generally has worse results.

The reason for this is that the cancer cell is diagnosed after it has spread in men.

Although the symptoms are the same as those seen in women, the most common symptom is noticing a lump in the breast tissue.

Although it can occur at any age, it usually occurs in men over 60 years of age.

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