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Teeth Whitening Method and Methods | The Secret of Shimmering Smiles

Teeth Whitening

Thanks to the teeth whitening methods, you can have sparkling smiles like everyone else.

You can discover all your curiosity about this application, which can be done in many ways from medical methods to whitening methods at home.

What is Teeth Whitening?

There are many pores in the layer called enamel on the surface of the tooth.

Although the enamel is actually made of a material known for its durability, these pores can be damaged over time.

Organic or inorganic materials that fill the pores cause color change.

Thanks to the methods applied through tooth whitening products or technological devices, your teeth regain their old color is called tooth whitening.

If you wish, it will be possible for your teeth to get a lighter tone than its natural color.

There are different whitening methods according to the needs of people, the causes of yellowing of their teeth.

However, whichever method you prefer, you should definitely follow your doctor’s instructions during the application.

For example, consuming products that cause yellowing of teeth, such as wine, cola or cigarettes, in the process leads to a reverse reaction and your teeth may begin to turn yellow.

People generally prefer different methods.

Therefore, we can talk about 5 different teeth whitening methods for the needs and demands of individuals.

-Office-type methods (clinical)

-Biological methods (clinical)

-Natural methods applicable at home

-Whitening for a single tooth

-Mix type, which means whitening both at home and in the clinical setting

Although whitening prices are the most curious question mark on the subject, serious price differences may occur depending on the type of application to be preferred.

Which Teeth Whitening Method is Right for You?

If the current color of your teeth is still white or close to white and you want only a few tones lighter, natural methods or laser teeth whitening method will be sufficient for you.

However, if you have dental yellowing caused by habits such as smoking and coffee, both home and clinical methods should be applied together.

So how can you decide which method should be preferred?

You may have missed the natural shine and whiteness of your teeth. However, only specialist dentists can decide for which method you can have the glittering teeth you want.

Evaluations are made by dentists considering both your wishes and the condition of your teeth.

At the end of this evaluation, you will be offered the most suitable method for you, the dosage of this method and the fee you have to pay.

How long does the teeth whitening process take?

The length of the transactions varies from person to person. While the methods applied in the home environment respond later, the applications in the clinical setting usually take less time and are more effective.

However, in clinical applications, it can be said that it gained its desired tooth color within 2 to 3 weeks.

The reason for the yellowing of teeth is another factor that determines the effectiveness of the whitening processes.

It is very difficult to whiten the yellowing of the tooth caused by the use of antibiotics.

For this reason, you may need to apply laser whitening teeth for longer than average to achieve the desired result.

In many methods, depending on your smoking or alcohol habits, the procedures should be repeated once in 4 to 6 months, for 1 or 2 sessions.

Providing support with products such as tooth whitening paste can help the effects of this application last longer.

How is Teeth Whitening Process Applied?

Applications are made at home or in a clinical setting by a specialist dentist.

In clinical applications, the process is started by determining what the natural color of the teeth is.

Teeth whitening gel is applied on the tooth that are aimed to be whitened by the dentist.

The applied gel is exposed to the laser beam for 15 minutes with a special tool. The gel hardens under the action of the laser and this application is repeated 3 times.

Clinical bleaching gels contain more peroxide than any dental bleaching powder (or similar product) used at home.

This means that clinical applications give more effective and faster results.

In home applications, peroxide-containing whiteners are preferred, although they are not as effective as clinics.

In the method applied using plaque, the natural color of the teeth is determined, like other methods.

The next step is to measure the mouth and teeth and design a personalized plaque.

The person continues to practice by taking this tooth whitening tape and tube containing whitening gel specially designed for person.

You can use this product, which is used only for 1 to 2 weeks, at night, 2 times a day.

You should follow the physician’s control to learn how the process is progressing.

It is important not to use the gel much in this home application. Otherwise, this material, which has a strong content, will cause irritation of your gums.

If gel has spilled on your gums due to excessive application, the gums should be washed immediately and vitamin creams should be applied.

If necessary, in addition to the teeth whitening methods applied in the clinic, it can be continued at home for 2 or 3 days.

In biological practice, besides whitening of the teeth, repair is made in the tooth enamel. The advantage of this application is that it eliminates the risk of tooth sensitivity.

With this method, in which the tooth tissue is repaired, the materials contained in the gel repair minor damage and deterioration in the enamel. Teeth whitening is provided while the pores are closed permanently.

Is Teeth Whitening possible with natural methods?

The right decision for the teeth whitening method, which covers a personalized assessment and application process, will be to consult a specialist.

The specialist dentist will provide the application that will give you the most effective results in the shortest time possible, if necessary, in the clinic or at home.

However, if you think that you do not need all these methods and you do not have a serious complaint, you can try to lighten the color of the teeth yourself with natural methods.

-Fresh strawberry puree

-A few drops of lemon juice and baking soda

-Baking soda and salt mixture

-The interior of the banana peel

Apply one of the above items to your teeth with a clean toothbrush.

You can see the natural benefits of these materials when you practice regularly.

However, excessive application can lead to scratches on the tooth surface, especially if you prefer baking soda.

For this reason, you should avoid frequent application and using too hard toothbrushes.

If your tooth surface is already problematic, remember that you can solve two problems at the same time with the biological teeth whitening method.

In addition to all applications, new generation products such as home whitening pen will reduce the number of sessions.

For a brilliant smile that affects everyone, you can immediately apply to your dentist or start trying natural methods at home.

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