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Prostate: Causes, Symptoms, Herbal Treatment Methods | Prostate Tests


Prostate disease is one of the biggest health problems that men face since their 40s.

If the diagnosis and follow-up are not provided, the emergence of prostate symptoms, which can progress insidiously, may be delayed, as it may be delayed.

Therefore, it would be useful to remind that individuals between the ages of 40 and 50 should have a PSA test at least once a year and undergo a urologist examination.

What is Prostate?

The prostate, which is also referred to by the same name for its disease, is actually a walnut-sized, soft-tissue gland.

This gland is an important part of the reproductive system and can only be explained with its functions.

This structure, which is tasked with the provision of seminal fluid that ensures the motility of the sperm, is located just in front of the rectum in men.

The secreted seminal fluid also provides protection and nutrition of the sperm.

An average of 30 g, which has a large role for the male reproductive system. This weighing structure is responsible for surrounding the urine from the bladder to the penis.

Another answer to the question of what is a prostate can be explained in its form.

This structure, which contracts after the men ejaculate in sexual intercourse, allows the fluid to be drawn into the urethra.

It undertakes the task of accelerating sperm by closing the gap between the bladder and urethra at the time of ejaculation.

In this way, it becomes impossible to urinate and empty at the same time.

What are the types of prostate disease?

Certain problems may arise in the functioning and structure of this structure, which, of course, has an important role for the reproductive system of men.

Although it is quite common in the middle age group, there are different situations that continue to scare people and require prostate surgery and treatment due to following an insidiously progressive picture.

The most common of these can be explained as follows:

Prostate enlargement: This disorder, which takes place in the literature as BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy), affects all men over 50 years old.

With the advancement of age, the difficulties in urination increase, and in this case, there is a clear symptom of the enlargement of the prostate.

You should not panic against this table, it should be known that the problem can be solved by appropriate medication or surgical intervention.

Prostatitis: This name for inflammation originates from infections occurring in the region.

Symptoms of prostate inflammation show symptoms similar to other problems such as growth, difficulty in urination, and this problem can be resolved with antibiotics.

Although this ailment is the most common form of cancer in men after skin cancer, only 1 out of 35 cases results in death,

Men who have reservations about the issue refuse to wait for treatment and increase the number of death-related cases.

Different treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy applications, hormone supplements, and surgical procedures can be preferred for the treatment of this cancer.

What are the causes of prostate disease?

This discomfort, which is surrounded by the bladder between the pubic bone in the lower part of the bladder and the rectum and which is normally apricot in size, shows different symptoms according to the stages.

Urinary tract complicates urination due to thickening of the bladder muscle with prostate enlargement in the early period.

Increased sensitivity of the bladder muscles increases the need for sudden and frequent urine.

The number of cells in the region is the basis of this series of events that have developed.

The exact cause of this increase in cell number cannot be determined, but it is known that estrogen, androgens, signals from other cells, and growth-triggering factors are effective in the growth of this ailment.

The bigger it gets, the more the load on the bladder increases at the same rate as the urethra will compress the same amount, and the problem becomes more difficult to compensate.

Clogging, urinary tract infections, urinary tract inflammation and the development of abnormal pouches called stones or diverticula in the bladder begin to be among the problems to be experienced.

Serious operations and emergency drainage may be required if proper treatment is not performed while slowly bladder and kidney damage occurs.

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

This ailment is usually noticed in the late period and does not manifest itself in the early stages of the disease.

Symptoms that are variable for each man and can be caused by different reasons can be detected through a series of routine tests.

DRE (digital rectal examination) and PSA (prostate-specific androgen) tests are important screening tests of this routine.

We can list the symptoms that cause suspicion for prostate cancer as follows:

*Having difficulty in urination and ejaculation

*Urine intermittent and weak arrival

*Continuous swelling and fullness in the bladder

*The need to go to the toilet frequently at night

*Urinary incontinence

Bloody urination

In addition, it is among the symptoms of diabetes, and can even be seen due to the side effects of the drugs used.

In other words, you should not panic in case of such symptoms, but a specialist doctor should be consulted.

If the prostate cancer stages have been advanced, then the cancer has settled in the region where it is located or spread to different regions. Progressive stages will show different symptoms.

Advanced symptoms of prostate cancer can be listed as follows:

  1. Pain in the back, hips, or pelvis
  2. Erection difficulty
  3. Blood in urine and semen discharge
  4. Unintentional excess weight loss

What Are Prostate Tests?

The fact that men exposed to different risk factors are 50 years old is not the only criterion for screening.

The American Cancer Society invites doctors to act more consciously and responsibly before applying screening tests.

From another point of view, individuals over the age of 50 who have a risk factor should not insistently request screening and consult their doctor.

DRE: During digital rectal examination, that is, during DRE, the doctor places his hand on the rectum and tries to detect whether there is nodule or prostatitis.

PSA: PSA, a type of blood test, is administered when symptoms of this condition are seen.

If this value is high in your blood, prostate cancer or inflammation is suspected.

Ultrasound: This test, which is performed by placing an ultrasound probe through the rectum near the prostate, is usually applied in cases where this disease may require cancer treatment.

Biopsy: In the biopsy method, in which a needle is inserted and the tissue is removed and the presence of cancer is sought in this tissue, intervention from the rectum is generally preferred.

After all these tests and analyses, it is determined whether prostate surgery is required and if there is no condition requiring surgery, other treatment methods are used.

When other methods are insufficient, there are two types of surgical methods. One of them is open prostate surgery and the other is standard closed surgery.

Does Prostate Pass With Herbal Treatment Methods?

Being careful about some preventive measures can help keep prostate enlargement and related symptoms under control.

Instead of postponing if urine is needed, try to meet your need immediately with this feeling.

Urinate until you feel the bladder is completely empty and avoid holding your urine.

Making this seemingly simple rule a habit is much more effective than herbal treatment methods.

Dwarf palm, also called saw palmetto, is a plant that can be found in the market in capsules and grows in America.

Although the use of this herb, which we frequently see among herbal treatment methods, is very popular, unfortunately there is no scientific evidence yet for its direct effects.

Capsules containing beta-sitosterol, on the other hand, are a natural product obtained from herbal sources, but they are effective in alleviating growth problems.

Although nettle capsules do not provide direct treatment in the same way, it is another herbal treatment method known to be effective in reducing symptoms.

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