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What is Panic Attack? What are Panic Attack Symptoms? How Is It Treated?


Panic attack may recur from time to time, reducing your quality of life and putting you in trouble. However, if you think you are alone with these seizures, you are wrong.

What is a panic attack? What are the causes and symptoms? We have compiled all the curiosities about panic attack treatment for you.

What is Panic Attack?

Panic attack is a disease that manifests itself with recurrent seizures. The person becomes intense fear and distressed mood with the appearance of symptoms.

Seizures occur suddenly and can be quite annoying. In order to explain this complex state to you better, we can list the symptoms as follows:

  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nausea in the stomach
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fear of death or madness
  • Strong flutter
  • Losing physical contro

Experiencing these feelings at the same time can be considered as a panic attack crisis. However, this crisis does not prove that you have a chronic disorder.

In case of many mental illnesses and depression, these symptoms can disturb the person as a crisis.

Also, since the people who have been diagnosed are always in fear of a crisis, they can take on the moods that will trigger the arrival of the crisis.

What are Panic Attack Symptoms?

Apart from the crisis, panic attack symptoms are not obvious for outsiders. However, if you are having a crisis and this continues mildly, you may feel anxious and worried.

Among the symptoms of panic attacks, especially the feeling of fear is the most prominent feature. You may have trouble talking, or even hear your voice trembling.

It is also quite normal to be afraid of going crazy or dying at the same time. This fear will manifest itself to those outside with trembling and sweating.

With the end of the crisis, the fear of having a crisis may start again. If you are not having a crisis, your mental functions are quite normal.

However, as during the crisis, you may be confused for a short period of time, and you may perceive yourself or your surroundings differently.

In addition, chest tightness or pain may be felt at the beginning of the panic attack. Palpitations, abdominal pain and nausea accompany these symptoms.

Coldness or hot flashes, numbness and tingling of the body, dizziness are other challenging situations that you may experience.

What are the causes of panic attacks?

Research on the causes of this psychological disorder mentions two different factors. According to scientific explanations, the first reason is neurons.

We know that cells called neurons transmit to our brains the areas responsible for the senses.

We can say that it is interesting structures for our neurons that can sometimes show abnormal behaviors depending on the way we live.

The state of emotion and excitement transmitted in case of these abnormal behaviors will of course also change.

For the brain to continue working regularly, messages from neurons must also be restrained and hormonally balanced.

However, when this healthy condition does not materialize we can face a panic attack crisis.

If you show the mentioned signs, another reason for this situation is misunderstandings.

Yes yes, you did not read it wrong; sometimes symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations are observed at the same time.

To think of these symptoms as a crisis immediately consists of completely misunderstanding. You naturally think that you have a chronic disease in the face of this disturbing situation.

However, this can be a several-time, harmless and natural process. Bringing death or illness to your mind in every complaint is a mistake that will disrupt your psychology.

It should not be forgotten that many of us are in stress and that stress can lead to psychological distress in places. Interpreting and suffering from every sweltering situation you experience as a panic attack may invite you to nonexistent troubles.

In other words, instead of evaluating your complaints yourself and making sense, you should get a diagnosis of a specialist. Putting the wrong meaning on the symptoms means unnecessary worries and prolonged treatment.

Therefore, if your complaints are repeated, it will be the best decision to talk to a doctor who is an expert in the field without hesitation or embarrassment.

How is Panic Attack Diagnosed?

If your complaints are as mentioned, you should consult a specialist.

Worry is quite normal, but it’s calm and you should try to express yourself well in the assessment. All complaints are important findings for doctors.

The long duration of this illness, which will be diagnosed by the psychiatrist, may have created side problems such as internal organ damage.

Therefore, depending on the severity of your complaints, the psychiatrist can refer you to different units. The treatment process begins with a clear diagnosis.

Before you worry, you should remember that the signs and symptoms of panic attacks are not only seen in this condition.

In other words, different mental, cardiological, neurological and endocrinological diseases may also have symptoms.

This means that you have to trust your psychiatrist and do not judge yourself with crises immediately for a definitive diagnosis.

So let’s say that this diagnosis is made by the expert psychiatrist and you need to start treatment. So how is the process going?

How Does a Panic Attack Go?

We should not forget that a personalized program will be created for the treatment of panic attacks. However, we can also say that drug therapy is used as the most common method.

The fact that only 75% positive feedback has been received for this treatment may be a little confusing. So let’s come to other methods and details of treatment…

We have explained that it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist first to treat panic attacks. It may be doubtful for you that the specialist you applied for considers drug treatment to be appropriate.

However, at this point, you should not forget that it is important to continue the sessions for psychotherapy or control as well as medication.

Another point to note is that you avoid using the drugs recommended by non-physicians. Panic attack drugs can be quite effective for someone who suffers from the same problems around you.

However, it should be kept in mind that your medical condition may be different and that only a specialist can notice.

Otherwise, you can find yourself in more negative situations while looking for the answer to the question of how panic attacks pass. Treatment delay is another side effect of unconscious use of medication.

Unfortunately, panic attack medications can have some side effects, especially if you are not used to it.

With the treatment, you can see the differences such as being too energetic, having difficulty falling asleep and getting angry easily in the first period.

Suspicion of these side effects can lead people to stop the drug suddenly by their own decision.

However, you should be conscious about the subject and you should not stop medication without fear of side effects without the approval of the attending physician.

The physician whose side effects you express will provide the most appropriate dosage and type of medication for you.

Panic attack treatment can cover a wide process. In other words, treatment should not be discontinued considering that it is only good within a few sessions.

Many people can end their treatment with an idea such as “I feel better, my problems are over.” However, the treatment terminated prematurely can lead to prolonged process.

For this reason, you need to try to stick to the number and duration of the sessions recommended to you.

In summary;

Do not forget that you are in a process that you can easily overcome unless you make mistakes such as stopping medications without completely recovering, reducing the dosage on good-feeling days.

Note that this disease does not result in death or paralysis and keep the fears in mind.

Get support from the things that are good for you in the process you live and calm yourself.

If you follow what your doctor says, your situation will be under control, you just focus on enjoying life.

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