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No Doubt: Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Pregnancy Tests

Early Pregnancy

Although pregnancy symptoms are one of the most exciting and different processes in women’s life, it also brings with it many question marks.

Each symptom is of great significance for expectant mothers who are skeptical about whether they are pregnant and want to make sure the situation is certain.

If you want to get the most accurate information about pregnancy symptoms, away from urban legends, based on scientific reasons, discover all the details you need in this article.

When do pregnancy symptoms appear?

If you suspect that you are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant, you should, of course be wondering when the symptoms will appear or when the big news will be certain.

It is useful to follow the correct symptoms for pregnancy calculation, as well as to draw attention to the correct time intervals.

Suspicion is increasing for women who have had a period, but not bleeding.

Some women have pink or brown discharge instead of bleeding, and those women who think these colorful currents are signs of infection or menstrual bleeding are considerably higher.

However, women who do not bleed normally despite the menstrual dates have to come should take tests to resolve their suspicions of pregnancy.

Although the first signs of pregnancy wait a few weeks to show up, medical methods such as blood tests can give results within a few days.

Especially the blood test is more reliable in the first days since the excess of the HCG hormone, which expresses pregnancy, will pass into the urine in a short time.

How Do You Know That You Are Pregnant?

Pregnancy can be tested through blood and urine, and it manifests itself in different ways for those who do not have the opportunity to perform this test or who do not have this suspicion.

Although the side effects of the fetus, which creates a shock effect for the body, are not seen with the same frequency or severity in everyone, it can seriously affect the expectant mothers in daily life.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms:


The most common and most common complaint of nausea among the first signs of pregnancy can seriously affect expectant mothers, especially in the morning, in the first 2 to 3 months of pregnancy.

Light snacks eaten in the morning hours, avoiding fatty meals at night, avoiding intense scented foods, taking care of water consumption are known as simple but effective solutions for the problem of nausea during pregnancy.

2.Breast Sensitivity

Pain and tenderness of the nipples is another common complaint that pregnant women face early.

Changes in hormonal levels cause the nipples to swell with pain, just like before the period, while this complaint during pregnancy is more evident than the period.

This symptom manifests itself in the first few days following fertilization.

The darkening in the color of the nipples is one of the physical changes that appear together with the sensitivity in the chest, which we mentioned among the signs of pregnancy, and can continue until the end of the breastfeeding process

3.Frequent Urination

One of the items of early pregnancy symptoms that start between the first week and the third week following fertilization and can even cause sleep splitting is the increase in the need to urinate.

For pregnant women, the toilet becomes a more frequent place, but like other symptoms, this will become more orderly over time.

4.Discharge and Bleeding

Pregnancy bells may be ringing for women who experience mild bleeding within 5 to 10 days after sexual intercourse even if their menstrual date has not arrived.

Of course, if this bleeding is very intense, it may constitute a serious situation requiring consultation of the specialist, but light-colored discharge and bleeding are considered as natural processes that should not cause fear.

5.Psychological Changes

The part of hormones that affects the expectant mothers who are trying to calculate the pregnancy is undoubtedly on the psychological and mental state.

Some unusual behavior changes, such as frequent emotional changes, anger bursts, sudden crying or a desire to laugh, are other pregnancy symptoms that come from sudden hormonal changes and show their effects most intensely in the 2nd and 3rd months and completely regulate in the 8th and 9th months.

6.Injury and Sleepiness

Another answer to the question of how do you know that you are pregnant is actually the same as psychological changes, is weakness, tiredness and frequent sleep.

Adapting to daily life may be difficult for expectant mothers, especially in the first months, and environmental support may be necessary in this process.

7.Bloating and Edema

Swelling in the abdominal region, difficulty indigestion after meals, dehydration and edema in the hands or feet associated with it, are the successive steps of a chain reaction and are among the complaints experienced by pregnant women repeatedly throughout the process.

All of these pregnancy symptoms continue after the pregnancy is certain and can cease to be a symptom and become a daily complaint.

Of course, not every mother may experience every symptom in the same way, but against these problems, regular nutrition as a solution and precaution, sports program suitable for pregnancy week, frequent rest, regular sleep, a life free from stress and harmful habits, as well as yoga and meditation techniques or psychological support. Different ideas, such as taking, can also help to get through the process in the most pleasant and healthy way during pregnancy follow-up.

What Are Pregnancy Tests? How is it done?

Although the pregnancy symptoms are quite evident and remarkable for expectant mothers, of course, it will be the healthiest decision to apply tests that are certain in the face of such a serious situation.

Urine or blood evaluation can be done to eliminate the suspicion of pregnancy by medical means.

a.Urine Pregnancy Test

The urine test, which is a common pregnancy test that can be obtained from any pharmacy, is highly preferred because of its simplicity of application, low cost and rapid response.

Experts underline that these tests are not 100% reliable in expressing whether you are pregnant, but also reminded that this test is applicable for those who are skeptical, given the recently developed test tools and especially in the morning hours.

Although each brand has different instructions for use, you can learn your own results within minutes thanks to these pregnancy tests on the packaging, where these instructions are clearly stated to you.

It will be useful to remind that it is important to apply the results to the first urination after sleep to help the results with the highest reliability.

b.Blood Pregnancy Test

While HCG hormone, which is present in a certain amount in the blood of women, increases with pregnancy, hormonal increase can be observed with blood tests, especially in the period before the mixing of this hormone into the urine, so the blood test is considered as the most accurate way of evaluating pregnancy.

To apply this test, it is sufficient to apply to any health institution and give a blood sample.

It will be healthier to apply to the relevant institution, not forgetting that the HCG increase will start as of the 4th day after fertilization, for women who will apply for blood pregnancy test.

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