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What Are The Symptoms Of Herniated Disc? How Is It Treated?


Herniated disc is usually among the disorders that cause severe pain in the lower back and hips, limit the ability to move in daily life and improve within a few weeks or months, depending on the level it progresses.

Herniated disc hernia, which is frequently seen in adults, includes those working at the desk and those who move less in the risk group.

Generally, the more common discomfort between the ages of 30-60 can be resolved with appropriate treatments when noticed early.

What are the symptoms of herniated disc?

The hernia reveals itself by giving various signals. Pain in the legs, pain during bending and getting up, and nerve compression that prevents movement can be diagnosed.

As the most common symptoms of herniated disc; Numbness in the nervous areas of the body, loss of strength and reflexes in the legs, difficulties during walking, sitting and lying.

If the discs slip, the feeling of numbness and tingling in the nervous areas becomes quite uncomfortable.

The hernia formed in the lower part of your back causes intense pain in the hips and thighs.

This discomfort, which also causes the muscles to become seriously weak, will cause difficulty in lifting and holding any object.

If sensations such as pain and numbness in your legs or back are present, it is recommended to consult a specialist.

So what causes herniated disc? Inactivity, excess weight, movements that put pressure on the spine are the main factors causing this ailment.

1-Don’t Stay Still

Although it looks like our spine that carries the entire load on our body, back and waist muscles, abdominal muscles and neck area are also very important.

As the discs, which provide the spine to be flexible, remain under pressure and strain, deformities may occur.

If you do not exercise regularly, the muscles will be weak and the body weight that the muscles should bear will put pressure on the spine.

This discomfort also occurs due to excessive load. For this reason, it would be a good solution to exercise plenty of exercise instead of staying still.

2-Get rid of excess weight

Although it is known that excess weight causes heart, liver and kidney diseases, we can say that it poses the most important difficulty to the skeletal system.

The spine, which has to carry body weight, begins to lose its function after a while.

With the change of the shape of the discs that provide flexibility, the function of the nerves is impaired and causes loss of duty in the spine. Getting rid of excess weight will both relax your spine and allow you to breathe more easily.

3- Stay Away From Smoking

The most interesting result of researches for herniated disc treatment in recent years was the finding that smoking slowed the healing of discs and made treatment difficult.

That is why experts say that people who will have a herniated disc should stay away from smoking.

To continue a healthy life, it is necessary to control excess weight.

4-Avoid Sudden Movements

In daily life, sudden movements that he does not realize, especially during the housework of women, cause a lot of damage to the spine.

It is necessary to act in a way that protects the spine while lifting items. When lifting items from the ground, it is of great importance that the knees are broken towards the ground and lifted by leaning.

When trying to buy items from a high cabinet, it would be best to use a ladder instead of lying down.

While working at the desk, standing in an upright position and getting pillow support to fill the waist is one of the important rules.

Many physical therapists state that the tennis ball plays an auxiliary role for the treatment of herniated disc.

By moving slowly over a tennis ball on a hard surface, it will be easier to reduce pressure and stiffness in your spine and will help strengthen your circulatory system.

At the same time, it has been proven by various experiments that people with quality sleep patterns experience less back pain than those who sleep less. For this reason, experts state that it is necessary to be careful about regular sleep.

One of the few steps that reduce pain is; applying hot and cold compresses to the area where you feel pain.

Applying equally hot and cold compresses based on the same period will both speed up blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

It will also be comforting to use various herbs and aromatic oils to increase the soothing effect during the compress.

It is proven that the wedding party is wrong to sleep on a hard floor among the people.

Lying on hard ground can cause pain to increase, as it will often be uncomfortable for the spine.

Therefore, instead of lying on hard ground, changing your bed and choosing a mattress suitable for your orthopedic spine structure will be a very good decision.

Who Carries Risk of Hernia

Those who work in the construction business, those who lift heavy loads, and those who are in professions such as chauffeur that require instant movements such as bending and side turning,

* Those with congenital posture disorder,

* Pregnant women

* Those over 30

* Those with discomfort that causes calcium loss, such as bone loss,

* High risk workers

How Is Hernia Treated?

If hernia is noticed without increasing pain severity, it finds a solution in a shorter time.

If it did not occur in the form of pain in the lower back and legs and did not cause any loss of power, it is at the beginning level.

Muscle relaxants are used for herniated disc in the beginner level and it is generally desirable not to lift any weights.

If resting for a few days, pain will decrease. In this disease, which should be avoided from stress, stress is one of the most serious problems that cause an increase in pain and tension.

In case of advanced level, besides muscle relaxant drugs, herniated disc hernia physical therapy process is started. It is normal for pain to increase for several days during physical therapy.

If the pain does not decrease after physical therapy, the herniated disc can be terminated with the non-surgical laser method called nucleoplasty. In some cases, surgery is a last resort.

What Should Be Considered After Back Hernia Surgery?

Back hernia surgery may be the clear solution to get rid of the pain and restore your old health but you need to be more careful after the operation than in the past.

Smoking cessation is at the top of these requirements. The high rate of nicotine contained in cigarettes will lead to a delay in the narrowing of your vessels and the healing of surgical wounds.

As you climb the stairs, climbing the steps one by one will allow your spine to move more easily after the surgery. The most important point to consider is; bed choice.

Choosing a mattress suitable for the structure of your spine and orthopedic will not only make you feel comfortable after herniated surgery, but also you will not feel any pain in the future.

If you are working at a desk, you should take 5-10 minute walking breaks every hour after surgery. Increasing your mobility will provide faster recovery.

In patients undergoing surgery, the recurrence of the hernia from the same place, the formation of new hernias, fear of increased volatility in the vertebrae can lead to restricted movements in individuals.

In the short term postoperatively, close to 25% of patients return to their daily lives. The recovery and return to daily life is on average 1-8 weeks.

What are the Hernia Exercises?

You can get a solution with a few simple exercises to do to relieve low back pain.

Back hernia exercises that you can do yourself at home will both stretch your spine and help you have a painless, healthy skeletal system.

At the beginning of these movements is the exercise called “bridge”. Lying on your back will raise your hips upwards and wait five seconds in this way will reduce the severity of pain.

It will be useful to do this exercise a few more times after you relax and rest. Apart from this exercise, lying on your back and pulling your legs towards you will also relax your spine.

Apart from these herniated movements, pulling half a shuttle also helps to reduce pain significantly.

For this reason, you can get a better quality and healthier life with waist hernia exercises that you will do for a few minutes every day.

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