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Foods Containing High Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the water-soluble bacteria that can be stored and can be produceda by the beneficial bacteria in our body.

Unfortunately vitamin B12, which has a unique importance for our body, is only found in foods of animal origin.

Vitamin B12, which is effective in many areas of our body, from red blood cells to the nervous system and  all the curiosities about this topic in our article…

What is Vitamin B12?

This vitamin, which it has no plant resources it is found in the animal foods and has many important functions but it’s mainly responsible for the production of red blood cells and the proper functioning of nerve cells.

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin B12?

In order to better understand this component, which is very important for our body, we can list its benefits as follows.

  • It helps the production of red blood cells.
  • It has positive effects on fertility.
  • It plays a role in maintaining protein balance.
  • It has an effect on the formation of new cells.
  • It helps the development of nerve endings.
  • It supports the development of the immune system.
  • It delays the aging of cells and repairs damaged cells.
  • It provides the burning of fat stores and the conversion of carbohydrates into energy.
  • It protects against cardiac and vascular diseases that are risky enough to result in paralysis.
  • It has important benefits to prevent complaints of weakness, fatigue and insomnia.
  • It prevents the amnesia by directing the resources that provide the nutrition of the brain.
  • It plays a role in the regeneration and health of the skin, nails and hair.
  • It has a protective effect against cancer types such as lung, prostate, colon and breast

Where is it find?

This vitamin, which is found in many of the basic nutrients we consume, causes serious problems in its deficiency just as it has numerous benefits when consumed enough.

For this reason, in order for the body to function properly and straight, we need to know what foods this vitamin contains.

Seafood: Among the seafood that tops the list, especially fish eggs is a great miracle. Only 10 grams of roe meets the body’s daily needs.

Octopus, mackerel, salmon and tuna, which we need to consume the roe more often at home, follows fish eggs.

Red meat: Lamb, beef, beef, turkey, duck and goose have higher levels of vitamin B12 than the own meat.

Cheese: Although it is a food group that we know with its intense calcium content, it definitely has an important place among the foods containing B12.

Although white cheese meets 35% of our daily needs, this rate may vary depending on the type of cheese consumed.

Unfortunately, those who do not consume animal products should take different supplements, since there are no fruits and vegetables containing this ingredient.

B12 Deficiency

It is also a nervous system and has a unique importance in controlling complaints such as memory, pain, concentration, and stress that affect individuals in daily life.

In addition, thanks to its effects on cell renewal, it will enable to cope with both mental and physical problems caused by old age.

However, the deficiency of this vitamin, which is a common problem, leads to defects in metabolism and also leads to important ailments.

This component, which cannot be produced by the body itself and enters the body only with different nutrients, will begin to show signs of deficiency in the body as a result of malnutrition.

What are the Symptoms?

Before answering the question of what is good for B12 deficiency, it is useful to check whether you have this deficiency or not. In order to understand this, the problems you can observe in your body can be summarized as follows:

An increase in stress and anxiety occurs.

A long-term complaint of constipation or diarrhea appears.

Diseases such as jaundice develop.

Body resistance and a decrease in energy will occur during the day.

Disorders occur in the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Hair loss and nail breaks can observe.

Feeling tired, amnesia and unhappy constantly develops in daily life.

Often there is a desire to overeat.

Gingival bleeding, pain sensation during tooth brushing.

Damage appears on the skin with the appearance of bruising or impact.

As the answer to the question of what does vitamin B12, it is better understood the serious problems caused by its deficiency.

Who have this symptoms?

While it covers a number of health problems that may apply to anyone with improper eating habits, some people are at higher risk.

In case of stomach disorders such as gastritis, destruction occurs in the cells in the inner lining of the stomach.

The decrease in the number of cells in the stomach will lead to the emptying of their storage and the prevention of the creation of new stores.

With the advancement of age, the use of drugs that reduce the effects of vitamins comes to the agenda and the amount to be taken increases.

Considering the decrease in vitamin absorption, the importance of a balanced diet is increasing day by day.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is among the common problems in people who prefer vegetarian nutrition.

In response to this problem, which develops due to the inability to consume dairy products in addition to meat and vegans, necessary supplements should be provided with the B12 pill.

It is very important for diabetic patients and individuals over 50 to have regular checks.

Diseases such as celiac and Crohn, which prevent the proper absorption and use of foods, can be predicted, as well as an obvious reason for B12 deficiency.

In people who drink alcohol, have tube stomach surgery, or have undergone new surgery, inadequate vitamin absorption requires these people to be much more careful.

What are the ways to prevent deficiency?

Of course, the basic method of protection should be proper nutrition in order to avoid possible problems. For this purpose, you may need to pay more attention to your consumption of red meat, seafood, cheese, eggs and yoghurt.

It is very important for your health to go to the internal medicine specialist at least once a year to have your blood values ​​checked and if you have a vitamin deficiency, adjust your nutrition habits accordingly.

It may be beneficial to provide support by using vitamin B12 pills especially in the advanced ages. Applying for supplements such as the B12 needle or pill, under the supervision of a doctor, will increase your decreasing values.

While the most obvious concern of many people about the B12 drug is that it will lead to weight gain, it should not be forgotten that this vitamin has regulatory effects on metabolism and should not be afraid to take supplements if it is deemed necessary without such anxiety.

What Is Our Daily Need?

Problems seen in the absence of this component can also be seen at the height of unconscious nutrition. Therefore, attention should be paid to the upper and lower limits that should be taken by age.

The daily dose to be taken;

0.5 mcg between 7-12 months,

0.9 mcg between 1-3 years old,

1.2 mcg between the ages of 4-8,

0.4 mcg between 0-6 months,

1.8 mcg between 9-13 years old,

2.4 mcg between the ages of 14-18,

2.4 mcg in adult individuals,

It is 2.6 mcg in pregnancy or lactation period.

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