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Community Rules


-Users have to respect each other.

-Racist, sexist, homophobic and abusive comments made by members to each other will not be tolerated. In such a case, comments will be intervened.

– BubbleEnjoy has right to not publish the comments and contents  that encourage hate against to religion, race, ethnicity, age, social status, political view, sexual preference, and physical condition of people. BubbleEnjoy also do not publish comments and contents which are provocative, humiliating or violent.

-The users who violate the Membership Agreement by disclosing personal informations of other users and using these informations for their interests, keep following the other users bothersomely by using the elements such as abuse and threat, and encourage people to violence will be excluded from the membership of BubbleEnjoy.

-Insulting, abusive, humiliating or slanderous expressions about individuals, institutions, cultures or societies are not allowed. BubbleEnjoy reserves the right to delete such comments, send alerts to the required persons and / or delete their membership.

-The members have to respect the beliefs and opinions of other users in the comments for a healthier discussion environment.

-Uppercase letters should not be used in comments.

-The comments in the site should be in Turkish.

-Attention should be paid to the knowledge of writing and spelling. BubbleEnjoy reserves the right to amend and delete in incoherent comments.

-Any commercial purposes or copyrighted comments will not be allowed.

-An aggressive user name inciting people can not be selected.

– Comments related to the content’s subject will help preventing possible discussions. Otherwise, your comments may be deleted at the discretion of BubbleEnjoy.

-Members should not share personal and private information for their own safety.

-There is a possibility to delete offensive comments about BubbleEnjoy or moderator decision.

-BubbleEnjoy reserves the right to delete the accounts of users who have posted private messages including insults and abusive language to the BubbleEnjoy employees.

-Sending spam messages is prohibited. The same and similar messages will be intercepted when sent more than once.

– Comments that contain or are likely to contain disrespectful phrases to the judicial authorities are not tolerated. This includes everything that will affect the running process or the trial process that will begin in the future.

Publication Guidelines

bubbleenjoy.com is a social media platform that offers content, news and services on many different contexts. It is in contact with its users in an interactive environment and in line with these objectives BubbleEnjoy has its own guidelines.

BubbleEnjoy Publication Guidelines are the expressions of our standards and our  values we adopt.

The guidelines here, for any of the following environments, no matter made by the bubbleenjoy.com itself or by an independent company that works for bubbleenjoy.com, rule out the right applications we expect from the creators and editors of the entire bubbleenjoy.com content.


It is one of our biggest priorities to create realistic and impartial publications that do not mislead people.

-In terms of our users, it is our goal to reduce the mistakes resulting from our lack of information and attention and to correct them as soon as possible.

-We respect the right of reply and refutation caused by the incorrect publications.


-We do not humiliate anyone in terms of race, gender, age, health, political opinions, social level, public opinion, sexual orientation and religious beliefs and we do not consciously harm the groups that need care, such as children, people with disabilities, or minorities.

-We do not publish anything that create hatred and hate and anything that disrupt national unity and integrity.

-We do not make content and news that limit the freedom of thought, conscience and expression and that damages the general morality, religious feelings and fundamental foundations of the family establishment.

-We do not allow expressions which humiliate and slander about real person and/or legal entity so called “criticism”.

-We avoid making contents that encourage violance and despotism, which damage human values.

-We are careful not to include in the content and details of our violence crime events, which may occur in our news from time to time, that may affect people, encourage suicide, and especially include details and elements that can adversely affect the development of children.

– We take care to ensure that our content and news are not in conflict with the national and spiritual values of the society and the family structure. We avoid publications that would damage the family structure, which is the smallest unit of society.

– We do not declare anybody “guilty” unless it is determined by judicial judgment that he/she is guilty.


– We consider that all elements of our services are respectful to the human dignity and to the fundamental human rights.

– Special behaviors, communication and conversations are not advertised except in cases where there is a clear public benefit.

-In our content and news, we take care not to include persons who are humiliating, defamatory or libelous beyond the boundaries of criticism.


We take care not to produce our contents, services we provide and the issues we operate with a single point of view, but with many perspectives.

– For this reason, we try to be objective rather than individual.

– Although the site editors are creating the main shell of the content of our site, our users can also contribute to the site. Therefore, the diversity of ideas, the representation of different minds, is one of the indispensable elements for us.


– BubbleEnjoy.com is independent of both state and partisan interests. Our users should be able to trust that political or commercial pressures or personal interests are not effective in our decisions.

-Adhering to the principles of impartiality, reality and truth in the publication of our news; freedom of opinion formation; we attach importance to protecting the confidentiality of news sources except where they intend to mislead public opinion.

– We do not disclose the aggregated information gathered from other sources, and the contents, without reference to the source.

– One of our primary goals is to capture the agenda or set the agenda of the content or news we make. For this reason, we emphasize that the content is made up of concrete and creative elements without losing the outline.

– Our editors do not use news and content for their specific purposes and interests that are contrary to morality.