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14 Benefits of Chamomile Tea and How To Prepare | What Is It Good For


Chamomile tea has become quite popular in recent years thanks to its benefits. It has many varieties such as yellow, white and false chamomile.

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

This plant is used as a component in perfume production with its beautiful and unique odor. It protects the health of our stomach and digestive system with substances such as salicylic acid, flavone glycosides, azulene in its content.

Also besides, this plant strengthens our immune system and it is also good for our sore throat.

Chamomile tea obtained from chamomile plants with a strong anti-inflammatory effect treats most upper respiratory tract infections, especially bronchitis and sinusitis.

In this article, in which I want to inform you about the benefits of chamomile tea, I also want to answer the question “How to make chamomile tea?”.

Here are the details you need to know about the benefits of this miraculous tea:

Most Important Benefits of Chamomile Tea:

With too many benefits to count, Chamomile tea’s most important contributions to our health can be listed as follows:

Treats sleep disorders

This tea, which is consumed about 30 minutes before bedtime, relaxes the muscles and joints of the person and makes him feel more peaceful and calmer.

Its relaxation feature makes it easy for someone to fall asleep, helping to have a good and deep sleep.

If you’re complaining of a sleep disorder, you may consume a cup every night before going to bed and get rid of your insomnia problem as soon as possible.

Relieves muscle and joint pain

It is very effective in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. It relieves the severity of pain caused by fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and similar muscle joint disorders.

Therefore, patients suffering from rheumatic diseases are recommended by experts to consume this tea not more than 2-3 cups a day.

Protects the health of the digestive system

Amongst the active ingredients of this plant, the substance called alpha bisabolol significantly lightens the symptoms of an ulcer.

Similarly, azulene relieves symptoms of gastritis and reflux such as heartburn, food back from the stomach to the throat, etc.

It is good for stomach problems such as constipation, swelling, gas, and has a relaxing effect on the digestive system and intestines.

Purifies the liver from toxins

The benefits of chamomile tea include protecting the liver health – one of the most important parts of our digestive system – and purifying the liver from toxins.

This healing tea, which is detoxifying, strengthens our immune system on the other hand and prevents damage by free radicals to our cells.

Since it prevents the storage of nutrients in the form of fat in the liver, it also leads you to lose weight naturally.

If you consume 2-3 cups of chamomile tea a day, you can stimulate your digestive system and lose weight easily in a short time.

However, if you want to make the most of this tea’s thin-out benefit that accelerates the metabolism and digestive system, you should not add sugar to your tea in any way.

At the same time, you should stick to your diet list and should not consume any food with high calories.

Keeps your mouth and teeth healthy

It strengthens the teeth and gums and heals gum bleeding. When chamomile tea is used as a mouthwash, it is a solution for abscesses, wounds, gingival bleeding, and tooth decay.

You can gargle regularly with this tea to protect your dental health.
Also, if you want to take advantage of other benefits of chamomile tea, boil it in 1 cup of water for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, take the tea off the stove and drain the water. Then dip your toothbrush in this water and brush your teeth with it.

By repeating this procedure once a week, you can have healthier teeth and gums in a short time, stop bleeding gums.

Resolves upper respiratory tract infections

Chamomile tea, when consumed in winter, prevents people from catching upper respiratory tract infections such as influenza, colds, sinusitis, and bronchitis.

It also allows you to overcome these conditions more easily and comfortably.
On cold and snowy days, this tea can be consumed as a good alternative to linden and sage tea.

You can strengthen your immune system against these diseases by consuming this tea.
Boil half a liter of water in a pot to heal your sinusitis naturally.

Add four ready-made bags of chamomile tea or one pinch of a dried plant into the boiling water.
Then put a towel on your head and bring your face closer to the steam of boiling tea on the stove.

Breathe in vapor, breathe through your nose. Keep breathing through your nose, occasionally with your mouth for 5 minutes.

Take a half-hour break after 5 minutes. When the time is up, repeat the same procedure for another 5 minutes.

Good for menstrual pains

Chamomile tea helps women with their abdominal pain and headaches, which is higher than in normal days due to the decrease in the estrogen hormone released during menstruation.

Migraine style, abdominal and groin pains in this period are minimized.
When consumed 30 minutes after lunch and dinner, it calms the nerves and takes the negative energy and tension on the person.

If you are having a very difficult time during your menstrual period, interrupting your work often because of your abdominal pain, if you’re feeling too tired and exhausted to get out of bed, you can relax with 2-3 cups of this tea.

Other Benefits of Chamomile Tea:

• Relieves allergy symptoms
• Reduces stress and tension
• Good for anxiety and depression
• Heals inflammation of the intestine
• Relieves back and low back pain
• Softens throat, relieves sore throat
• Helps to treat skin problems that cause a skin rash, especially psoriasis

Disadvantages of Chamomile Tea:

This tea has no known serious harm to our health or side effects.

However, experts regularly advise users of prescribed or non-prescribed medication, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children to consult with their doctor before consuming this tea.

Patients with blood pressure, diabetes and epilepsy should also avoid chamomile tea consumption.


Based on the fact that much of anything is damaging, in the consumption of chamomile tea, you should take care not to overdo it, just like the other herbal teas.

How to prepare chamomile tea?

The teas, which are offered for sale in bags, are not as effective as the tea you can prepare from your dried chamomile plant.

For this reason, instead of buying ready-to-use teabags, we advise you to get it as dried and make your tea with your own hands.

Well, how to make chamomile tea?

• First, boil half a liter of sterile water in a teapot.
• Then add 3 tablespoons dried plant to the teapot.
• Allow the tea to infuse for 3-5 minutes.
• Finally, filter your tea and enjoy it.
• If you wish, you can add a teaspoon of honey to your tea to sweeten it.

If you have this plant in your garden, you can prepare your tea by drying them.
But you need to pay attention to some points when doing this.

You should collect the blooms of this plant within 10 days at the latest and then dry it outdoors and in shade.

You should not wash it in any way before drying and keep the dried one in a glass jar and an unseen environment.

In this article, I tried to briefly talk about the benefits of chamomile tea.
I hope that my article will be enlightening, and I wish you a healthy life…

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